Biden should do something about gun control.

[Biden] should do something about [gun control].

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[THINGS] are f*cked up

The US is in crisis. Every day, it feels like we’re losing more rights, all while inequality grows and climate disasters get worse. Our voices feel like they’re shut out of the political process, and, instead, big business and corporations grow in influence and power. Along the way, media tries to manipulate us into thinking we’re all further apart than we really are. But, the truth is most of us want things to change for the better.

It can be hard to figure out how to make a difference and what is possible in our increasingly broken political system. The truth is Biden, Congress and local governments could do things right now that would fix a lot. There’s even things you can do. And this site can help you do it.

Because every issue has a solution someone is working on. Find your [ISSUE]. Find your [TARGET]. And do something to help make the change we all want and need.




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